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Welcome to Scenic Ridge...

  4 Lots Remaining
What's in a name? You'll see it when you visit Scenic Ridge. The rolling Wisconsin land allows you to build a home with great viewing vistas for years to come. Many of our homesites come with some kind of exposure. With a homesite there is either full, partial side, rear...many different ways to get you extra space. Have question about this? Just send us a note and we'll answer it about any homesite.

We truly want to be your neighborhood. How can we make that happen? Let's see... just off 18/151 that's close to the Beltline...newest elementary school in Verona that's desired by everyone...top of the line Dane County builders that will wait on your every....whim... whim again...environmentally friendly and Green Built homes...brand new means energy efficiency....brand new means going up in value...

If Scenic Ridge hasn't made a few points with you yet, read on. Read up on our builders, the neighborhood, ask us a question and then give us another one. We are here to build you a home, make you ecstatic as a new homeowner and introduce you to a neighborhood that you've been dreaming of. .

Then contact us today at (608) 271-4900!

Stop Dreaming, Start Building

2016 Scenic Ridge Plat Map
2016 Scenic Ridge Verona, LLC
925 Watson Ave. - Madison, WI 53713 - 608-271-4900