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About Scenic Ridge...  
The McKee family has been associated with various neighborhoods and families throughout Dane County. You've probably dined, stayed or purchased items or services in buildings that the family has had the wonderful opportunity to build for other clients throughout the years.

You might be living in a condominium that they've skillfully crafted or, obtained money at the last minute at an ATM in front of a financial institution they built. To any and all extents, we listen to our clients. Each and every one of them is individual and specific to the client. We're ready to do the same thing for you today and we know that you'll love it tomorrow, the next day, the next.... McKee and other Scenic Ridge builders always do one thing well. The very best thing. Beyond skillful craftsmanship. Beyond the latest styles and techniques. After all, that's a given. They listen.

Then contact us today at (608) 271-4900!

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925 Watson Ave. - Madison, WI - 53713 - 608-271-4900