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There are so many neighborhoods out there, so many choices, which one is right and what makes you different? That's a great question and we want more. Just ask us at the Contact Us page.
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Now, the answer and, a little bit more.

Scenic Ridge is the epitome of a name. It's on a scenic ridge left over from the ice age of over 200 millions ago. Unlike many other neighborhoods, we're not flat. We offer homesites with various levels of exposure. May it be lower level, side, front, in some way, many of our homesites do have a level of exposure.

What does a homesite with exposure mean to me?

Very simply, it means extra space and space in the lower level means extra money for you Extra money for other spaces throughout your new home. Maybe an extra bedroom for an older child that just needs 'some extra space.' Maybe it's space for grandpa and grandma for the weekend, friends or family during the holidays. Maybe it's a new home theater. Maybe it's a hobby room, rec room, pool table that you've always wanted...

Maybe it's just 'maybe' space at this point. Don't worry, we'll help you fill-in the blanks.

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